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SCHOOL and School System made huge mistakes

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Topic: SCHOOL and School System made huge mistakes
Posted By: Alan
Subject: SCHOOL and School System made huge mistakes
Date Posted: Mar 30 2008 at 5:11pm
Why institute a dress code?
Typically to reduce distractions that should not be a part of schools to improve the learning process.
It also allows the have-nots to "blend" in with the rest of the cool students, that have the expensive clothes, etc.
Dress Codes can be very effective when enforced with common sense!
IMHO.......To allow an outwardly gay "MALE" student to wear high-heels with a "UNIFORM" was stupid and short sighted.
This child should be alive today.
The fact that the young killer also felt threatened by Larrys flamboyant attitude without intervention is also irresponsible..
He obviously could not deal with this type of attention.
The school and it's overt LIBERAL thinking had a tragic effect in this case.
In my opinion, the school and adminstrators did not protect either child! ,
and must revisit their policies to hopefully prevent another such tragedy.
My sincere condolences to the family and friends.

Posted By: Dwayne
Date Posted: Oct 13 2008 at 5:22pm
Larry had every right to wear what he was comfortable in.  If girls can wear high-heel shoes with their uniforms then Larry had every right to.  Freedom of expression.  Sex non-discrimination. It's his right.  This was beyond wearing feminine clothing.  This Larry being Larry, him comfortable in his own shoes.  Not acting, but being.  This was his own self. He did not deserve to die due to his nonconformity.  Instead of asking why is he wearing lipstick, why is he wearing earrings.  Ask Why the F*ck is Brandon bringing a gun to school?  I think this is a little "odd" dont you?  Don't blame Larry for being "odd".  Larry is being who he is.  And Brandon is being who he is, a murderer.  If anyone is questioned, let's turn it towards the offender.  Brandon made a choice that day.  Now Larry is dead.  Brandon, even if he's only 14, is a criminal.  If prosecuted he should pay for his misdeeds. 

Larry is my hero.  That's how he should be remembered.  He stood up for what he believes in.  I don't question him. I question myself, why can't I be more like him?  Ask yourself the same.

"People would rather be wrong than be different." - Henry Jacobsen

"When all think alike, then no one is thinking." - Walter Lippman

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