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Ways That You Can Combat Intolerance

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Topic: Ways That You Can Combat Intolerance
Posted By: BHeard
Subject: Ways That You Can Combat Intolerance
Date Posted: Feb 18 2008 at 12:40am
Be A Leader: Lead by example. Refuse to participate in name calling, harassment and bullying.  Be inclusive everyday, ensure that ALL people feel welcome and safe to be around you and your friends.
Refuse To Be Silent: When witnessing verbal abuse, your silence can be confused as acceptance of the behavior.   Bullying will continue to escalate as long as people remain silent.  Speak up and let it be known that the bullies words are not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
Use Your Privilege: When you witness bullying or harassment, you can be silent or you have the privilege to speak up.  You have the privilege of speaking up because you do not belong to the group being harassed.  Leaders use their privilege!
Speak Against Systemic Discrimination: The laws and policies that are in place today are hostile and non-inclusive to people of differing sexual orientations.  These people will always be second class citizens until they have full equality under the law.  When they are treated like second class citizens by church and government, it becomes easier for society to treat them with disrespect.
  *Contact your elected officials, let them know that the laws need to be changed to include ALL people.
  *Speak with your church leaders and remind them that hate is not a family value.
  *Contact trade unions and ask them to sponsor, facility and promote anti-harassment, anti-bullying events in your school and community.
Vote With Your Feet: Be aware of where you spend your money.  If they do not have anti-discrimination, anti-harassment and equality policies in place, spend your money elsewhere.  Let these stores, and companies know that you are spending your money somewhere else until they become pro-active and include ALL people in their policies.

Posted By: gavintiegirl
Date Posted: Feb 18 2008 at 10:19am

Thank you for sharing this.

I plan to go over these fundamental ways to combat intolerance with my 10 year old son. My husband and I have taught him to be the "better man", but it doesn't hurt to reinforce it always.
It would make me proud to raise a boy who was tolerant of others NO MATTER WHAT.

I hope I see the changes that are due in my lifetime. Cry

Posted By: Ben_M18
Date Posted: Feb 19 2008 at 9:20am
If the world had more mom's like you the world would be a better place

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