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I saw the sunrise yesterday...

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Topic: I saw the sunrise yesterday...
Posted By: NoLa
Subject: I saw the sunrise yesterday...
Date Posted: Feb 24 2008 at 12:23am

I saw the sunrise yesterday morning.  I’m a night owl who is rarely, if ever, up that early but I saw it that morning.  It was the most magnificent sight.  Burned into my memory.  One that will stick with me for the long haul. 

Ever since a good friend from my youth had her first son I’ve made it a point to look at and memorize what the sky looks like to commemorate moments with great personal meaning.  Since I’ve spent the better part of my life in ‘flatlander’ Florida, giant and blazingly beautiful, stir you in your bones, sunsets were never hard to come by. 

Yesterday was the first time I was blown away by, and compelled to memorize, a sky in California.  But instead of it being a moment filled with pinks, blues, joy and hope knowing a beautiful boy was coming into this world.  This trip was filled with sorrow knowing I was on my way to say farewell to a beautiful boy who is no longer with us. 

Oxnards indescribable, strawberry scented, first light had shafts of gold shining down through dark and misty mountian top grazing clouds.  Saturating rows upon rows of dewey green and ruby red.  This view, offset with mourning a families loss, was enough to break your heart in two.  Breathtaking and bitter sweet.  I imagine it was easy to see it as a beautiful place before anger, violence, and hate moved in.  I pray you can see it that way again someday.
I will always remember that sunrise in memory of Larry and his devoted family.  It will stay with me forever.

With Love,

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