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Photo of Larry request

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Topic: Photo of Larry request
Posted By: w2bh
Subject: Photo of Larry request
Date Posted: Mar 12 2008 at 7:17pm
I am a gay man from Argentina; I was profoundly moved when I heard of this horrible death. I am a long-time contributor to Wikipedia, the online free encyclopedia[1].

There is an article there about Larry[2], although currently we have no picture of him. We cannot just search for some image on the Internet and upload it to the Wikipedia servers, since there is a danger of copyright infringment in doing that. Therefore, I came here hoping that you could help me in this matter, and ask you if you would be kind enough of providing a picture of him.

There are a number of legal considerations to take when uploading an image to Wikipedia, since it's content is released in a way that makes it freely redistributable. I think the easiest way would be if someone(maybe the family?) who took a picture of him would release his/her copyright and place it in the public domain[3]. I am investigating this at the moment and talking to fellow Wikipedia editors to see if a statement in an email would suffice, and how exactly should it be worded. I know this may seem somewhat cumbersome, but we have to take such precautions because of US copyright legislation.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I'm sure you'll understand that improving this article will help everyone in raising awareness of this horrible crime, and the injustice of homophobia and discrimination. My love goes out to his family and everyone that will miss him. Thank you again

[3] http://en.wikipedia.org

Victor Javier Brizuela

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